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He's put together quite a collection of new material and classic covers on this lastest release, Make It Right!, recorded on his recent tour in Europe. Over the years from shows across the pond, Shawn established a great friendship with Erkan (bass) and Levent (drums) Özdemir, the father and son rhythm section. Shawn had a break from the tour and he wanted to get tracks laid down at Heyman Studios in Denmark. The timing was perfect as everyone's schedule was open. So they got it done. Three-man-low-down-greasy-blues style. 

Make It Right! was released in March of 2020. This is a must buy for anyone who enjoys the musical antics of Shawn Pittman. Make It Right! is a perfect continuation of Shawn's guitar mastery and haunting vocals. Reviews by Blues Blast Magazine and Philly Cheeze's Rock and Blues Reviews are attached here, plus a visit to Shawn's website will have more reviews. But do yourself a favor and make sure YOU review Make It RIght! for yourself.

We look forward to Shawn coming back in town. In 2019 Smokehouse had a blast playing three gigs with Shawn at The Cove and Barriba Cantina. In November of 2018 Shawn and Jay Moeller were the feature artists at the San Antonio Blues Society's Robert Johnson SA Sessions event, where they were both inducted as Honorary Lifetime Member Artists.


“….Shawn Pittman still has his own style of singing and guitar playing that is not to be missed! Make It Right! and add a copy of Shawn Pittman’s new album to your music library!” 
Dave Johnson, host of blues Deluxe radio program. 


These are photos from the great shows we had with Shawn in 2019

Barriba Cantina - April 6, 2019    photos 

Stray Dawg • Jason • Scott • Dan • Shawn ...
Sure looks like they're having fun!

Scotty and Shawn swapping leads ...
Stray Dawg on spice ... Jason & Dan on rhythm

Scott takes solo ...
Rockin' guitars and heavy rhythm
Band is cruising ... Shawn belts one of his classic songs, backed up by Smokehouse

Stray Dawg lets go on vocals with some tasty guitar and rhythm support
Jason Crisp (we think) • Scott Mayo
Shawn Pittman • Stray Dawg • Dan Aubert
  The Cove - April 5, 2019    photos   
Shawn • Brett • Scott • Jamie • Jason

Shawn on mic duty
Jason's turn
   Friend and SGA All-Star Benny Harp comes by to visit with Shawn and Smokehouse And fellow SGA All-Star Jack Barber guest stars!

Jack Barber • Brett Coats • Shawn Pittman • Jamie Krueger • Benny Harp • Scott Mayo • Jason Crisp
  The Cove - January 18, 2019    photos 
Shawn • Jason • Scott • Jamie • Sam

Smokehouse Showcase at The Cove with our friend and Special Guest Shawn Pittman

It was as fun a time as it looks!
Scott and Sammy having a blast as usual!

Jason Crisp
Bassman Excellencio

Jamie Krueger
Badass Drummer

Jason Crisp • Shawn Pittman
Jamie Krueger • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey