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Smokehouse Guitar Army Songlist for 6/20/20 at The Bak Yard

1 Three Blues G All https://youtu.be/vm2t-Fb8Ucs
2 Key to the Highway A Scott https://youtu.be/-O1e3eV43_0
3 Walkin'  E Sam  https://youtu.be/mDczAbUCydY 
4 Changed Man  B Scott  
5  Get Out of My Life Woman C Sam https://youtu.be/uBQK9qKBWQs 
6  Hoocie Coochie Man E Scott https://youtu.be/URU3zx8G0ME 
7   Killing Floor  G  Sam  https://youtu.be/G-K0uDE6dTI
8 Amphetamine Annie E Scott https://youtu.be/Z_bX3QjR4zQ
Daddy Ain't Got No Shoes  C  Sam https://youtu.be/-KOtKDrzM1w  
10  Big Boss Man E Scott https://youtu.be/QjgwDznEFWg 
11  Cut Me  E  Sam https://youtu.be/KwIddsEvoq4 
12 Turpentine Moan   G Scott  
13  Spoonful Trilogy E Sam  
14 Got Love if You Want It E Scott https://youtu.be/sMfGV9o05zY