U p c o m i n g  S h o w s
these next shows are tentative pending the evaluation of local community standards for social activity ... we will get the "all-clear" from the venues soon ...

Friday  November 6  9:00pm
San Antonio, TX
Saturday  November 7  7:00pm
Gruene, TX



U p c o m i n g  S h o w s
these next shows are tentative pending the evaluation of local community standards for social activity ... we will get the "all-clear" from the venues soon ...

Friday  November 6  9:00pm
San Antonio, TX
Saturday  November 7  7:00pm
Gruene, TX


W e  A w a i t  t h e  ' A l l - C l e a r ' 

We'll be staying safe and alert ... Y'all do the same so we can get together ... soon!


S m o k e h o u s e  a t  S o u t h  L a k e  T r a v i s

Just around the corner from south Lake Travis is a neat plot of land with a vodka distillery AND a barbeque shack. Welcome to Planet Rock Vodka Distillery and The Best Dam BBQ Joint! A new outdoor venue that opened just a few months ago. To top the complex off, there are Glamping facilities. That's glamour camping. Check out their website for information. It has plenty of open area to walk around and there are many unique and fun objects to snap phots of. Shaded Tables and picnic benches are arranged around the stage and the smell of smoking Texas barbeque surrounds you. Setting up for the show we were treated to fresh BBQ off the grill. We got a big case of the Baby-That's-GREAT-BBQ Blues! Planet Rock Vodka / Best BBQ Joint support the local music scene, booking acts from miles around. Even as far out as San Antonio! The owners had been to Smokehouse shows in the past, namely at the Buchanan Dam Beach Club in Lake Buchanan and in Kingland at The Place Downtown. This gig was also a celebration of Sammy's birthday. We were glad to have Shelby Cheyenne and Lea Ann come by and join in the fun. Kathleen and Tim came up from San Antonio to join in, as well as Darrell, Cathy, and Micheal. Thank you Mary and James for coming by. We look forward to coming back up to play ... the next gig is booked for October 17. We thank Catfish, Scott, Haley, Jerry, and the entire staff for their hospitality.

You know Smokehouse ... we love Bringin' the Boogie to everywhere in Texas!


  Planet Rock Vodka / Best Dam BBQ Joint   photos  
Planet Rock Vodka Distillery

Best Dam BBQ Joint

A very cool place!
Lea Ann and Shelby enjoy some real good blues in the great Texas outdoors!
Our Hosts: Jerry • Bob • Haley
Owners Catfish and Scott

Friends drop in forr great Blues, BBQ, and Vodka with Sammy on his birthday!
Shelby and Scott taking the solos with
David and John keeping the rhythm 

Granvil Poynter • David Meissner • Shelby Cheyenne
John Carpenter • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey

The band is all smiles and we enjoyed visiting with some new friends and fans!

D r o p p i n g  t h e  B o o g i e  o n  t h e  B o r d e r

It was great to get booked down in Del Rio at The Bak Yard ... THANK YOU Rick and Brenda Rivera and all the staff at The Bak Yard for the hospitality! We had reports of possible rain storms coming into the area but that did not deter Smokehouse. We left San Antonio about 4:00 and made great time down Hiway 90. And when we got there, Rick had dinner waiting for us: burritos the size of artillery shells! And they were delicious, filled with meat and beans and rice and cheese, fried quickly before they get to the table. They did not last long! For this gig we were fortunate to have  our drummer from the Army of the Lake (our players from up in Lake Buchanan), John Carpenter. John has played a couple of out-of-town gigs with us. And our guest guitar player was Robert Saunders from New Braunfels. David Meissner would be on bass, with Scott and Sammy on vocals and guitar. David drove with his lovely wife Margaret and they came in from their cabin, just down the road about an hour from Del Rio. The rest of us came down in a two-vehicle convoy and it was an absolute blast. As an added treat, RIck and Brenda's friend Evelyn came in from Austin to celebrate her birthday in her home town! She had a great time, as did her guests, outdoors partying to some good blues with a great dinner provided by Rick and his barbeque station. We played two rockin' sets and as is the case most of the time, the Smokehouse boys were disappointed when it was "last-song". The boogie was in full drive and they were groovin'. We look forward to our next trip across Hiway 90 to see Rick and Brenda! 

  The Bak Yard - June 20, 2020    photos  
Rick and Brenda Rivera, owners
The Bak Yard

Smokehouse in action
Robert • David • John • Scott • Sammy
New Smokehouse member Robert Saunders trading licks with Scott
Now that's a GREAT Rhythm Section
Dave Meissner (bass) John Carpenter (drums)

Scott and the crew rockin'
Hoochie Coochie Man

Sam beltin' out his funky rendition
of Get Out of My Life Woman

Birthday Girl Evelyn with Scott

Evelyn and her crew came in from Austin so she could celebrate her birthday in her hometown
at Rick and Brenda's place!

Rick and Evelyn
Like the name says ... an Army of Guitars!
Robert • Scott • Sammy

John keeps the beat as the Los Tres Guitaros handle a quick three piece jam
Dave Meissner • Robert Saunders • Scott Mayo
John Carpenter •  Sam Massey


H e l l o  2 0 2 0
GREAT START AND NOW CAUTION  Now, we must be alert ... We all must be safe

Smokehouse started the year with the line-up that closed out 2019: Scott, Sammy, and Granvil on vocals/guitars, David on bass and Rene on drums in the rhythm section. The band is clickin' like a Swiss watch and the shows have been a blast. We are very lucky to have been able to play our six residence shows at The Cove and The Gruene Grove  before the closures came. In February, Smokehouse opened the music show of the 2020 Alamo City Guitar Bazaar, held this year at Venue Villita. We always enjoy jamming at the monthly blues jam at The Gruene Grove and recently hosted the jam. Robert Saunders, a fantastic guitar player from New Braunfels, was a guest of ours on stage.  It took no time to see that Robert knows how to play some real good blues guitar. And one our favorite people in the world, Shelby Cheyenne, not only joined us at the jams but was also our featured guest at a Gruene Grove show. She just keeps getting better and better and we invite her up every chance we get! To top off a nice few months of some great gigs with great special guests, a friend of ours, Fred Stewart, flew in to San Antonio to visit and catch up on lost time. Well, as it happens, he is an accomplished drummer and so of course we enlisted him ino The Army! Fred sat in for a whole set. And it was a stone gas for everyone!

Our band is fortunate to have started 2020 with such great shows. To be able to have the killer players we have and to be able to have talented friends joining us on stage is a blessing. We do put in the long hours and the hard work to earn the great gigs we have. And we appreciate our venues for having us over and our friends and fans for coming to see us. But now, times have been changed by a worldwide event and we have to put some parts of our lives on hold. We are all now asked to change our daily behavior - stay indoors, avoid groups, avoid contact, etc. So let's do this. AND LET'S DO IT WITH STYLE! Be good to others. Look to be helpful to those isolated. With what we are facing, from now until the end of April, all shows have been cancelled. What May holds in store is mere speculation at this time. Friends, the music will once again play. Be alert. Be safe.

Friends, the Boogie will Return!   Until then ... "Let's work together!"


The Gruene Grove - March 14 2020    photos

Special Celebration for The General ...
Happy Birthday Scott!

Guitar and Vocals front Line
Granvil Poynter • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey

Our great rhythm section:
Dave on bass and Rene on drums

Shelby Cheyenne is our Special Guest for the evening ... Makes it a real special show!

The boogie is in full-tilt!

Always a blast with this crew ...
Another great night at The Gruene Grove!


Smokehouse hosts The Gruene Grove Blues Jam - March 8 2020    photos

Smokehouse is asked back to host the monthly Gruene Grove Blues Jam

Robert Saunders, a fantastic guitar player from New Braunfels, joins us for the first set

Robert on a killer solo ... A great time and we look forward to jamming with Robert again!

Scott introduces our other guest, Shelby Cheyenne ... Shelby is a hit at The Grove!

A familiar shot ... A stage full of big ol' grins!
Shelby jamming with Scott and Sam!

This was a great afternoon with some great blues musicians ...Can't wait to do it again!


The Cove - March 6 2020    photos

Scott on the mic with Dave and Sam joining in

Scott & Dave on rhythm while Sam goes solo

The crew checking out Granvil & his tasty solo

Happy Drummer! Something is afoot!

A cool foto

Hooligans and confirmed ne'er-do-wells


2nd Annual Alamo City Guitar Bazaar - February 22 2020    photos

Granvil starts the show off with
"Call My Job"

Sammy on vocals for "Walkin'" with Granvil on accompany and Dave and Scott on rhythm

Scott singing "Key to The Highway"
with Sammy adding background spice

 ¡Rhythm Sección Fabulosa!
Dave Meissner and Rene "Maddog" Lopez

Front Line looking like they are having fun!
Granvil • Scott • Sam  (y Rene)
 A great time at La Villita on the River Walk
Dave • Rene • Granvil • Scott • Sam


The Cove - February 7 2020    photos

Granvil brought his Flying V!

Granvil on vocals with solid backup!

David and Rene


Cold Snap hosts The Gruene Grove Blues Jam - January 12 2020
Smokehouse was there!    photos

We always have always a blast at
The Gruene Grove Blues Jam

Shelby rippin' another killer tune with
her Jam Bros Scott and Sammy

Scott • Shelby Joey Fender
 Sam Richie Lee


The Gruene Grove - January 4 2020    photos

Granvil starts the show off

Scotty and Sammy having a great night

The Blue Rhythmers: Granvil+David+Maddog

Long-time friend Fred Stewart is in for a visit and gets conscripted into The Army!

Smokehouse Guitar Army enjoying another fine night in Historic Gruene Texas!

Granvil • Dave • Rene • Fred Stewart
Johnny O (sound) • Scott • Sam


The Cove - January 3 2020    photos

First Friday and First Show of 2020!

The Front Line: Granvil & Scott & Sam

The Bottom to our Boogie Davd & Maddog


E n d  o f  2 0 19

It was a great year for the band and we want to thank all our friends and fans. Thank you so much for coming out to our shows. Thank you so much for the great emails and texts. Probably the biggest blessing we got was Sam recuperating from his dangerous illness. It was great seeing all his friends and fellow musicians coming together to see him recover. Now, he is back on stage with Smokehouse, 100%! We were fortunate to have some killer gigs to close the year out with Sam and the band. Go up on line and take a look at the pictures from the shows.

Smokehouse is grateful to our wonderful venues for having us over to perform. We always strive to bring an audience and keep an audience so the venue does well. And that's where our great audiences have been great. Thank you all again for coming by and catching our shows. We are going to be playing at some new venues this year. A big thanks to The Cove and The Gruene Grove for booking Smokehouse for the First Friday and First Saturday of each month in 2020. Now, there will be a couple of months where that schedule will be altered. So be sure to keep up with the calendar. And we'll be looking to see you at our shows in 2020. 

First Friday at The Cove
Granvil • Jack • Scott • Maddog • Sammy
View photos from show

November show at The Place Downtown
Stray Dawg • Richie • Shelby • Scott
View photos from show

Christmas Show at The Gruene Grove
Jack • Granvil • Maddog • Scott • Sammy
View photos from show


A  G r e a t  R o a d  T r i p  -  S a m  i s  B a c k  o n  T o u r

Well, this is the moment friends and fans of Smokehouse and Sam Massey have been waiting for ... Sam's return to good health and getting back on stage with his band. For a long time, we did not know what would happen. Sammy had been quite ill at home for a couple of days. Nothing seemed right. When a friend went over to check in on him Sam was unresponsive and 911 was called. He was taken to a local hospital which determined immediately that Sam needed to be rushed up to Austin. The doctors in Austin examined Sam but had no leads on what was killing our friend. They put him into an induced coma and kept him under 24-hour observation. A tracheotomy was performed and for what seemed like years Sam lay there asleep with tubes and machines plugged into him. Then, things changed. The doctors now had an idea what was going on and they formed a plan of attack. They brought him out of the coma and began the treatment regimen. This staff of dedicated doctors, nurses, and technicians helped bring Sammy back to us. He was responding positively to treatment and therefore he was able to have more visits from family and friends which helped him so much on his road to recovery. Posters and cards and gifts filled his room. Sammy was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from those dear to him. The last leg of the recuperating process was to have Sam stay under observation at a convalescing home versus staying in a medical facility. While there he was able to get in some physical therapy as well as off-campus trips with friends coming by to visit. And now, Sammy is back out in society in his new digs north of Austin in Round Rock and he is doing GREAT! He will be using a cane for a while, but that's okay with Sam. Not too long ago he was re-learning how to walk.

As far as the band goes, we would gradually bring him back. A couple of songs a show, then maybe a full set, and eventually a full show. Well Sam just had to go way ahead of schedule. We figured maybe by December or January would be a realistic goal for Sam being able to perform for an entire show. To our impressed amazement, he was on stage with Smokehouse for two complete shows this past weekend, in Del Rio and in Gruene! And it was fantastic. Friday night we played our premier show at The Bak Yard in Del Rio and Sam did not miss a note. Rick and Brenda Rivera, owners of The Bak Yard, had a great time with us and invited us back to play before the year ends. We met new friends and got a chance to talk to some Air Force personnel from Laughlin AFB and many of our border protectors. SGA let them know how much we appreciate what they do for all of us. And a special thank you to Charlie Cockerell for making the trip and covering the bass work for the evening in Del Rio ... fine job. The next day we headed up to Gruene for our monthly residency at The Gruene Grove and as a special treat we were joined by internationally acclaimed Jack Barber on bass. This was the second time Jack played with us at the Grove and the rhythm section was rolling all night long. It was an incredible show and Sammy was on fire the whole night. Many in the audience came up to say howdy to Sam and let him know how glad they were to see him back. Yep, Magic Sam is back and boy is it great that Smokehouse continues to unleash the boogie as we do!

  The Gruene Grove - September 21, 2019    photos  
Smokehouse O.G. ...
The Fenders - Scott & Sam

Sammy is back on the mic beltin' out some
blues with Jack and Scott backing him up

Stray Dawg Testifying!
What a Rhythm Section!
Jack Barber and Dan Aubert

It's always a dance party
with Smokehouse!

Jack Barber • Dan Aubert • Stray Dawg
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey
  The Bak Yard - September 20, 2019    photos
Our Premier show in Del Rio at
Rick & Brenda Rivera's The Bak Yard

Smokehouse Guitar Army droppin' the boogie
on the border at our new venue in Del Rio!

Sammy on vocals once again ... it's great having him playing and beltin' out the blues!
Rhythm Section Border Style with
Charlie on bass and Dan on Drums

Brenda Rivera • Dan Aubert • Stray Dawg
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey • Rick Rivera
Charlie Cockerell

Smokehouse Guitar Army with our new friends from Del Rio


D o u b l e h e a d e r  W e e k e n d 

Top of the month in August means First Friday at The Cove. This is by far one of our favorite shows we do in the month. Following a great performance by The Lavens, we put on a high powered, boogie driven Smokehouse show that had the people dancing! Our lineup was our core band minus Sammy, who is doing great these days. Jason Crisp was with us again to fill in at lead guitar/vocals, joining Scott, Stray Dawg, David Meissner, and Dan Aubert. Some friends from the past came by to see us play and it was a most enjoyable 3 hours. The next day was an evening gig up in Kingsland at The Place Downtown, a happening place where we have played four or five times before. They sunk a good amount of money and sweat into updating the venue, namely a new built up stage with completely upgraded audio and visual reinforcement. This gig has been planned for a few months with a special treat in mind: bringing Sam Massey down from Austin, where he is recuperating. His friends from the Llano / Lake Buchanan / Kingsland area - those that were used to being with him once or twice a week - were going to be at the show so everyone could visit. If, by chance, he could play that would just be extra icing on the cake. Well everything aligned and it was a complete blast! Sam was back with Smokehouse, playing the second set, and we were joined by Shelby Cheyenne, a favorite of ours. The place was rocking and the show was well appreciated. Please be sure and check out the photos ... we have a lot of buddy shots as well as performance shots.

   The Cove - August 2, 2019    photos
First Friday of the Month ... every month!
The Cove

Smokehouse Guitar Army and their
Special Brand of Texas Boogie Blues!

Young fan of the Army gets a special pass to come up on stage and hang with the band
Scott jamming rhythm while Jason takes off on a solo with Dan drumming the beat

Stray Dawg rippin' a tasty solo with Dave thumoping rhythm on bass

Stray Dawg • Jason Crisp  Dan Aubert
David Meissner • Scott Mayo
   The Place Downtown - August 3, 2019    photos   
The Place Downtown
in beautiful Kingsland Texas

Smokehouse Guitar Army
National Blues Day...Come Sing the Blues!

A killer venue with our friends and fans
from around the area in the house

Scott on vocals and taking a solo

Stray Dawg lets loose with some blues 

Jason sings a little Jimmy Reed
David, Master of the Bass

Drummer Extraordinaire Dan

Incredible sound and light reinforcement 
It's been a long time since we've heard
Sammy sing "Killin' Floor" ... IT WAS KILLER!

Shelby keeps taking it up another notch ... 
A blast when she plays with Smokehouse

Scotty - Jason - Shelby
Great friends having a great time!

The show started off as a Guitar Army ...
The show ended as Guitar Nation!

 Road Warriors!! Thank you Richard for bringing Sam from Austin - Thanks Sammy for making the trip ... YOU ROCKED BROTHER!

David Meissner • Stray Dawg • Dan Aubert
Jason Crisp • Scott Mayo
Shelby Cheyenne • Sam Massey


O l d  F r i e n d s  &  N e w  F r i e n d s

As happens during the course of our shows, this June 22 gig at The Gruene Grove had some logisitics challenges attached. While Sammy is recovering in Austin, Jason Crisp and Jamie Krueger have been filling in on the frontline. Both Jason and Jamie were unable to perform with Smokehouse at this show. Stray Dawg, our other lead guitarist and vocalist, along with his brother Dan, our drummer, had a prior engagement scheduled for that date. Which left Scott as the only active member SGA person to do the performance! Jason was able to connect us with his pal Nate Boff from Austin to sit in at one guitar/vocalist slot. And fortunately we were able to call out from the reserves our great friend, The Texas Saint, Michael Mulligan. We now had the frontline set, the rhythm section was next. We were honored to be joined by world renowned bassist and friend of Smokehouse Jack Barber. One phone call to him and he was in the band. To complete the rhythm section we brought in Eric Vasquez, the enthusiatstic drummer with the Texas Shinerunners to work with Jack and what we got was a solid hard- driving rhythm train to match the frontline guitar team. Smokehouse had a blast and The Gruene Grove was packed all night. We thank everyone for their kind comments and emails after the show. Thank you to Chris and staff for the hospitality and the great venue. And thumbs up to John O for the great job handling sound reinforcement. What a night!

  The Gruene Grove - June 22, 2019    photos  
Scott & Crew gettin' the boogie on in Gruene
Michael • Jack • Eric • Scott • Nate

Newly inducted member of the SGA AllStars:
Austin's Nate Boff

A Member of the SGA Old Guard:
The Texas Saint Michael Mulligan
Been wanting to get these two on stage for a long time! Jack barber and Eric Vasquez

Saturday Night brings a case of the Dancin'  Boogies to The Grove

Michael Mulligan • Jack Barber • Eric Vasquez
Scott Mayo •  Nate Boff


H o u s t o n  A d v e n t u r e

The April calendar for Smokehouse had a big time couple of weekends that we were able to align and join! Three gigs in Houston on back-to-back weekends: The Truck Yard, The Big Easy, and Shakespeare Pub. As everyone knows, our co-founder and lead guitarist/vocalist Sam Massey is in recovery from a major illness he had. So we set off for Houston with a mission to get Sammy's Houston fans to come out and sign get-well posters for us to take back to Sammy. We had done the same thing two weeks earlier at the San Antonio Blues Society's Fiesta Blues Heritage Series show. The posters were completely filled in with greetings and well wishes from everyone. Sam was brought to tears when Scott pesented him the framed signed posters. Thanks to everyone for coming out and sharing your support. We were fortunate to have Stray Dawg travel with us from San Antonio for his first Houston performances with Smokehouse. Jason Crisp came down from Austin for two of the gigs. From our Houston Reserves we called on Larry Evans for bass, Brad McCool on guitar/vocals, and on drums we had Snit Fitzpatrick, Albert Storo, and Ken Woodard. Thank you to The Truck Yard, The Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club, and Shakespeare Pub for making this happen. And once again, thank you to friends and fans for sending your best to Sammy.

  The Truck Yard in Houston - April 20, 2019    photos  
Stage Shot before the show starts


The one-of-a-kind Truck Yard ferris wheel just 20 feet from the stage!
Scott and Brad hittin' the groove
with Ken setting the beat


Jason Crisp • Scott Mayo • Ken Woodard
Larry Evans • Brad McCool
  The Big Easy - April 26, 2019    photos   
Back at The Big Easy
... just before the show

Smokehouse returns to the stage at Houston's world famous Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club

Our solid Houston rhythm section with Larry Evans on bass and Snit Fitzpatrick on drums
Every time we're at The Big Easy it doesn't take long for the dance party to kick in!

Scott on a solo with Stray Dawg on rhythm

Stray Dawg • Larry Evans • Snit Fitzpatrick
Scott Mayo • Jason Crisp
  Shakespeare Pub - April 27, 2019    photos  
Our first step into the Houston Blues Scene started right here a few years ago

Guitar Frontline of
Brad, Scott, and Stray Dawg

Scott and Stray Dawg lockin' in
 Okay ... this is how we started the show ...

... and now something is different!

Larry Evans • Brad McCool • Albert Storo
Scott Mayo • Stray Dawg  (wise guys the lot)


A W e e k e n d  w i t h  C h r i s  D u a r t e

Chris Duarte was the name that came up for our second Smokehouse Showcase at The Cove. After a few phone calls we sealed the date with Chris and The Cove. This was a great opportunity to bring back Chris to his native San Antonio. We were very fortunate that we found an open date on Chris' rather crowded calendar. This show was also featured as a SABS coPro. For this Showcase we were joined on bass by Bret Coats and Jamie Krueger on drums. Vocals and guitar work covered by Chris, Scott, and Stray Dawg. After booking this show, we were able to bring Chris' band, The Chris Duarte Group, to Sam's Burger Joint as the featured band for the San Antonio Blues Society's 2019 Fiesta Blues Heritage Series show "River City Blues Revue." Basing out of Austin for awhile now, it was great for Chris to come back to San Antonio and reunite with classmates, friends, and fans. As the SABS Fiesta show, Chris was proclaimed Lifetime Honorary Member Artist.

  The Cove - March 8, 2019    photos  
Just before downbeat

The Boogie is ON!
Chris • Bret • Jamie • Scott • Stray Dawg

Chris takes off on a signature solo
Chris  sizzlin' ...
Scott and Bret keeping rhythm

Stray Dawg taking lead on the Frontline

Bret Coats • Chris Duarte
Jamie Krueger • Scott Mayo • Stray Dawg


B a c k  t o  H o u s t o n

We were asked back to Shakespeare Pub. Shakespeare was the first club that we performed at in Houston many years ago. This was a special Saturday show, so a casual roadtrip was had. Our friend from Lake Buchanan and guest drummer John Carpenter came down with Sam and we made it to Houston in real good time. A visit was made to Bart Wittrock at world famous Rockin' Robin Guitars. Bart was able to come by the show later to play a set with us. Houston's Brad McCool, on guitar/vocals, and "Big Larry" Evans, on bass performed with Smokehouse. And to top it off, our dear friend Richard Stewart made BBQ and brought dinner to the club to feed the troops. It was a great evening for everyone. And the dance floor was busy all night long!

  Shakespeare Pub - January 26, 2019    photos  
It was full-tilt boogie right from the git-go

Rockin' Robin's Bart Whitrock joins us for a set ... KILLER set of guitars in this foto

Scott and Sammy -jamming away!
Scott on vocals with Brad on rhythm

Rhythm duo - Houston's Larry Evans on bass and Lake Buchanan's John Carpenter on drums

John Carpenter • Larry Evans • Brad McCool
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey


S h a w n  P i t t m a n  J o i n s  T h e  A r m y 

As often happens, coincidence of schedules allows for special shows to come about. Third week in January saw Smokehouse hooking up with Shawn Pittman, recent inductee as a Honorary Life Member Artist of the San Antonio Blues Society. Shawn and bandmate Jay Moeller were both inducted at the 2018 Robert Johnson SA Sessions, where they were the featured performers. We had a great show with Shawn as our guest for this Smokehouse Showcase at The Cove. This show was also featured as a SABS coPro. The rhythm section had Jason Crisp on bass with Jamie Krueger on drums. Scott, Sammy, and Shawn provided the guitar work and vocals.

  The Cove   - January 18, 2019    photos  
Shawn • Jason • Scnott • Jamie • Sam

Smokehouse Showcase at The Cove with our friend ans Special Guest Shawn Pittman

It was as fun a time as it looks!
Scott and Sammy having a blast as usual!

Jason Crisp
Bassman Excellencio

Jamie Krueger
Badass Drummer

Jason Crisp • Shawn Pittman
Jamie Krueger • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey


A u g u s t  - A n  A b s o l u t e  K i l l e r  R o a d T r i p  !

The Gruene Grove - August 12, 2018   photos
Our first time performing at The Gruene Grove was a stormy day to start with that turned into a great show! Whether or not the show was going to go on due to inclimate weather in historic Gruene this particular Sunday was decided practically at the last minute - the show went on, as it must, and it was a hit! Jason Crisp sat in on guest gutiar and Jamie Krueger was on drums. And we're back in September!

Pre-show stage shot ...
A GREAT stage they built!

We were worried about the weather but the afternoon wnet off without a hitch!

Everyone sings!
But we forgot to tell Jamie!
Jason, Scott, and Sammy ...
¡Los Fenderos!

DC and Jamie taking care of the rhythm

DC Olson • David Sims (sound) • Jamie Krueger
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey • Jason Crisp
  The Big Easy - August 17, 2018   photos
Our Back to Houston to The Big Easy! Easily one of our favorite places in the world to party. We loved seeing om and Crew at the 'Easy ... We had dancers all night and the vibe was incredible. It's always a blast having Snit on drums working with DC keeping the high-energy rhythm going and the dance floor packed!
SGA is back at The Big Easy!

Scott and his Les Paul Tribute 50s 

The night broke out into a dance party! 
Adam testifying on his Tele!

Scotty and Sammy backing up Adam

Adam Johnson • DC Olson • Scott Mayo
Snit Fitzpatrick • Sam Massey

Billy's Ice - August 18, 2018   photos 
This was a GREAT GIG! Picked up this premier show at Billy's at the last minute and we absolutely tore it up with guest guitarist/vocalist Charly Sardo and Gino Macias on drums. What a beautiful setup! Smokeghouse appreciated the efforts by Forrest and Adam and all the crew at Billy's for your hospitality. And a special thank you to Kody for helping make this event happen.  

 Here we are at Billy's Ice
New Braunfels

Stage is set!

Charly sitting in with the band ...
rippin' it with Scott and Sam
DC playing his amazingly beautiful Rickenbocker bass

Gino Macias on drums
keeping the beat with DC 

Charly Sardo • DC Olson • Scott Mayo
Sam Massey • Gino Macias


J u l y  -  T r a v e l i n '  A c r o s s  T e x a s !

Shakespeare Pub - July 13, 2018      photos
We returned to Shakes in Houston, site of our first Houston performance ever! San Antonio friends of the Army Granvil and Sylvia Poynter were in H-Town for the weekend, so they came by to see Smokehouse. As a full-fledged member of the Army, Granvil played a set with us and lit the place up. Our buddy and member of Smokehouse The Mighty Orq opened the evening. It was great seeing Orq and Miss Jamie again. The whole evening was a blast, and it was extra special seeing the Poynters there, as well as our good friend Richard Stewart. And as it happens we had some of other Houston fans of Smokehouse that also came by to enjoy some boogie!

Granvil and Sylvia enjoying their date night in Houston at Shakespeare Pub

Granvil joins Smokehouse on stage with his unique brand of rockin' retro blues

Adam Johnson • DC Olson • Ken Woodard
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey • Granvil Poynter

Buchanan Dam Beach Club - July 14, 2018    photos    
It was the Last Boogie at the Club ... After many years Mary and Sam are closing the Club and taking time to enjoy life. They decided to have one last fling at the club so they threw a private party to enjoy with some sepcial friends and musicians that had become part of the fabric of the Club. So Mary asked The Mighty Orq and Smokehouse Guitar Army to perform the last gig. We had all the musicians up on stage througout the night and it was a stone cold gas! It was Boogie and BBQ! Smokehouse has come to love the area up there - both fans and musicians. And we have had many of the area musicians perform with Smokehouse and it has always been a superb show. We wish Mary and Sam all the best and thank them for doing so much to support live music and musicians!   Thank you both so much! 

The Mighty Orq gets the show going with a memorable solo performance

For the set Johnny Garner joins the Army on stage as so many times before

 Orq joins the Army on stage with some vintage Orq blues on his Gold Top
Jeff and Nancy Haese comes to our shows and tonight we finally get Jeff on stage

Courtney and Charly rocked the house with Smokehouse support

Kim Meeks gave a fine sampling of her torchy blues ... a favorite at the Dam Beach Club
Mom was at home with the kids so Richard brought his Schecter to join in the final show

Marshall sings his fan-favorite "Rack 'Em Up" with a little help from Courtney

Sammy laying down some boogie blues at the Dam Beach Club as they have for years
Sam and Mary were full of smiles all night and here they pose with the Last Boogie Cake!

Scott presents Mary the commemorative poster signed by everyone at the show

Mary thanks all in attendance for making this show so special for her
Orq • DC • Charly • Kim • Mary • Courtney • Marshall • Scott • Johnny • Sammy • Richard • Jeff
  The Truck Yard - July 27, 2018     photos  
Premier show for us Friday Night - The Truck Yard in Houston. This place is an open air venue filled with serving stations and foodtrucks, a stage for the band, and a carnival ride! Located in Houston's old warehouse district, The Truck Yard is an exciting place to go to and hang out at for a few hours. We were well received and we thank the staff and security crew for all their help and hospitality. The next time you get to Houston you have to drop in. Even better ... schedule a weekend in Houston the next time Smokehouse is at The Yard!
Smokehouse Guitar Army headlines Friday Night at The Truck Yard in Houston

What a GREAT venue!
Plenty of music lovers to fill the Yard!

Six food trucks, seven different bars, lots of wide screens ... EVEN A FERRIS WHEEL
Jason is our guest guitarist for the show joining Scott and Sam in the Frontline

The rhythm section of DC on bass with Albert sitting in as guest drummer

DC Olson • Jason Crisp •  Scott Mayo
Albert Storo • Sam Massey
  Emmit's Place - July 28, 2018     photos   
It was great to get back to Emmit's! We partied with some old friends and met some new ones. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and we look forward to our next gig at Emmit's Place!   
Smokehouse Guitar Army back at Emmit's Place in Houston Texas

Houston's Snit Fitzpatrick is back on drums with Smokehouse

Jason tearing it up with a Jimmy Reed tune with the rest of the gang backing him up
Scott and Sam doing what they do great

DC Olson • Snit Fitzpatrick • Scott Mayo
Jason Crisp • Sam Massey

Wise guys!


A  S p e c i a l  F i r s t  F r i d a y  a t  T h e  C o v e 

The first Friday of the month is always special for Smokehouse ... We are at The Cove to start the month off the right way! This show was extra special for we were celebrating Adam's birthday, along with Candace's birthday! And as an extra treat ... our friends Shelby Cheyenne and Brad came by for the show.

  The Cove   - January 27, 2018    photos
Birthday Party for Candace
Sam • Shelby • Scott • Candace

What a beautiful stage!

Jamie Krueger • Jason Crisp • Scott Mayo
Raul Garcia • Sam Massey


S m o k e h o u s e  R o c k i n '  H o u s t o n

Smokehouse played The Big Easy and what a show it was! In our audience we had such Houston top cats as Texas Johnny Boy, Jonn Del Toro Richardson, and The Mighty Orq. On stage we had Houston's Brad McCool and Albert Storo taking care of the rhythm beat, with Scott, Sam, and Adam on the frontline. To the Houston Blues Society and fans of the Blues, thank you for coming to our show, and all the blues shows in town. To Tom and his great crew at The Big Easy, your stage is the world! All of you are keeping the Blues jumpin' in Houston!

  The Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club - January 12, 2018    photos
What a frontline! Adam Johnson, Scott Mayo, and Sam Massey! Live in Houston Texas Baby!
Scott with Jonn Del Toro Richardson and Texas Johnny Boy

Eden and Brad McCool enjoying a break between sets

The Mighty Orq and Miss Jamie
having fun at the show
Brad McCool • Adam Johnson • Albert Storo • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey


N e w  Y e a r ' s  E v e  a t  T h e  B e a c h

Mikel May's had us perform at their private New Years Eve celebration and it was a BLAST! Charlie Gnerre was able to sit in with the band for this NYE party in Corpus. We were extra fortunate to have Jason Crisp join us from Austin.

  Mikel May's Beachside Bar & Grill - January 27, 2018    photos
  Jason Crisp • DC Olson • Charlie Gnerre • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey


A  N e w  P l a c e  t o  P l a y  i n  H o u s t o n

A hoppin' blues hub in Houston - our first gig there and we are joined by the Mighty Orq! Thank you to Susan Davis and the crew at Emmit's for having us and we look forward to our next gig there! Jamming with Scott and Sammy will be The Mighty Orq, Brad McCool, and Snit Fitzpatrick. Houston Royalty.

  Emmit's Place - December 9, 2017    photos
  The Mighty Orq • Brad McCool • Snit Fitzpatrick • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey


S a m m y ' s  B i r t h d a y 

Thank you to our Army of the Lake fans for coming out and making this a real special night!  Couldn't think of a better birthday present for Sam than a party at the Dam Beach Club. Courtney and Charly and Jonny sat in when the band and everyone had cake!

  Buchanan Dam Beach Club - September 23, 2017    photos


S m o k e h o u s e  H i t s  t h e  B e a c h  !

Smokehouse's guitar frontline hanging out at the beach at Bob Hall Pier before the gig at Mikel May's Beachside Bar & Grill. It was a typically beautiful day on the Great Texas Gulf and it was shaping up to be a great night of Boogie, Brews, and Seafood!

  Mikel May's Beachside Bar & Grill - July 24, 2017    photos

Smokehouse's guitar frontline at Bob Hall Pier before the gig at Mikel May's Beachside Bar & Grill - July 22, 2017
Adam Johnson • Sam Massey • Scott Mayo



M i d  J u n e  i n  H o u s t o n 

Thank you to Jason and the staff at Shakes for a night of Houston Hospitality at its best! It was a fantastic turnout and we were able to put the great rhythm section of Houston's Brad McCool and Snit Fitzaptrick in the lineup. It was a pleasure having Boyd Bluestein in the audience.

  Shakespeare Pub - June 16, 2017    photos
That amazing frontline
Adam + Scott + Sammy

A great Houston Rhythm Duo
Brad McCool and Snit Fitzpatrick 

Another fun evening! Eveyone ejoying some blues and dancing at The Pub!
Adam Johnson • Brad McCool • Snit Fitzpatrick
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey

 Houston's Blues Man Boyd Bluestein joins the band after enjoying the whole show!


A p r i l  i n  H o u s t o n  a t  T h e  B i g  E a s y 

We had a BLAST playing at the Big Easy in Houston. Long time All-Star of Smokehouse Brad McCool reminds us of the special bond between guitar players and their equipment. Brad has been marketing his new amp safety seat minivan accessory for guitar players and their amps. Eveyone else in the cargo bay! And, while leaving Houston on the return trip to San Antonio, we caught the blues show on KPFT 90.1FM hosted by Nuri Nuri. Smokehouse donated to help fund Nuri's show on Sundays. We call on all Houston area musicians, especially member bands of HBS, to help keep KPFT going.

  The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club - April 7, 2017    photos

Brad pampers his gear ... rest of band and
equipment in the cargo bay ... Brad's van.

Adam Johnson • Brad McCool • Snit Fitzpatrick
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey



B r a d  &  E d e n  T h r o w  a  P a r t y  ! 

It was barbeque, brews, and blues at its finest. Courtesy of Brad and Eden. They invited their close friends to celebrate their recent wedding and they did it in fine style! The attendees were treated not only to some fine Houston BBQ, but Luther and The Healers provided the music for the evening. Brad joined in for a few songs and the dance party took off. Best wishes to Brad and Eden from the band! We love having you both as friends.

Houston - January 21, 2017    photos



Eden and Brad

Tamara • Sammy • Eden • Brad • Scott

Tamara • Sammy • Eden • Brad • Scott

Luther Rada • Sam Massey • Scott Mayo

Brad McCool sits in with his pals, Luther and The Healers.



S a t u r d a y  A f t e r n o o n  a t  O m a ' s

A great afternoon with our friends out in Gruene. The S.A. Blue Cats were covering the evening show and we performed at the matinee. Had a great lineup with Michael Mulligan on guitar and vocals, Richie Lee and Ty Grimes on rhythm.
Oma Gruene's Secret Garten - October 24, 2014    photos




S G A  B i g  B a n d  L i n e u p  a t  O m a ' s

This gig turned into a full stage production by show's end and it as kickin' as you would think. It was a beautiful night in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We had gotten a text message from a Canadian blues player that would be visiting in the area. After talking with Jonathon we told him to get down here to Texas and get out to Gruene. And for him to make sure and bring his sax. We had also been in touch with likely our favorite guest jammer, Miss Shelby Cheyenne - an amazing up and coming guitarist and singer. And to top of the guest list, a friend of the Army and a fine trombone player that we have played with before, Mr. Ruben Colon. This was a fun evening of making fine music with dear friends for a wonderful audience.
Oma Gruene's Secret Garten - August 2, 2014    photos


Adam Johnson • Richie Lee • Gordon Bartling • Scott Mayo
Ruben Colon • Shelby Cheyenne • Sam Massey • Jonathon Resney


S G A  O p e n s  f o r  O m a r  &  T h e  H o w l e r s
Sam's Burger Joint - August 3, 2013    photos


A little over a year of entering the blues scene in San Antonio, we were asked to open for Omar and the Howlers ... BOY HOWDY YES!

Richie Lee • Adam Johnson • Ladd Denison (RIP) • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey

 V I D E O S  F R O M  T H E  S H O W Amphetamine Annie
Walkin' Little By Little Hoochie Coochie Man
Got No Shoes Hip Shake  Rollin' And Tumblin' 
 Get Out Of My Life Woman Goin' Down Changed Man


F i r s t  S m o k e h o u s e  G i g 

Smokehouse Guitar Army had our first gig at The Shade Tree on a hot Texas Sunday afternoon and it was GREAT! The original San Antonio lineup for this Smokehouse band had Scott Mayo, Chris Jarvis, and Sam Massey as the frontline. Each sang and each played guitar. The rhythm section was Dave "Big Bird" West (RIP) on bass and Chris Nisley on drums. Kim and her staff at The Shade Tree were great hosts and everyone made us feel right at home.
                                                                                                                                     - Thank you Kim!

Shade Tree Saloon & Grill - May 6, 2012    photos


Clay Jarvis • Scott Mayo • Dave "Big Bird" West
Chris Nisley • Sam Massey



  ** F o t o s  f r o m  t h e  E a r l y  Y e a r s 
12/07/14 - SABS Sunday Blues Jam at The Cove 
Mike Mulligan • DC Olson • Ty Grimes • Glo Paris
Scott Mayo • Dr. G • Sam Massey

12/13/14 - Oma Gruene's Secret Garten
Mike Mulligan • DC Olson • Scott Mayo • Ty Grimes • Sam Massey
 8/2/14 - Oma Gruene's Secret Garten

Adam Johnson • Richie Lee • Gordon Bartling • Scott Mayo • Shelby Cheyenne • Ruben Colon • Sam Massey • Jonathon Resney
 07/13/14 - Buchanan Dam Beach Club
Richie Lee • Adam Johnson • Rocky Dodson • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey
  07/12/14 - Barriba Cantina  Richie Lee • Charlie Gnerre • Adam Johnson • Benny Harp • Scott Mayo • Ruben Colon • Sam Massey
06/07/14 - San Antonio Folklife Festival - Day 1
Mighty Orq • Richie Lee • Urban Urbano • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey

06/08/14 - San Antonio Folklife Festival - Day 2
Keith Harter • Richie Lee • Urban Urbano • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey
3/8/14 - Barriba Cantina
Richie Lee • Brad McCool • Scott Mayo
Steve "T-Bone" Bland • Sam Massey

3/15/14 - Dirty's Bar & Q
Joey Fender • Richie Lee • "T-Bone" Bland
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey
SGA hosts NBBS Juke Joint Jam at The Happy Cow
7/28/13 - The Happy Cow
Michael Mulligan • Richie Lee • Scott Mayo
Steve "T-Bone" Bland • Sam Massey

SGA in Gruene with Special Guest The Might Orq
3/1/14 - Oma Gruene's Secret Garten 
The Mighy Orq • Richie Lee • Scott Mayo
Steve "T-Bone" Bland • Sam Massey 

Smokehouse Guitar Army opens for Omar and The Howlers
8/3/13 - Sam's Burger Joint
Adam Johnson • Richie Lee • Ladd Denison • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey
6/9/13 - Oma Gruene's Secret Garten
Adam Johnson • Richie Lee • Steve "T-Bone" Bland
Scott Mayo • Sam Massey
2013 Riverfest Battle of the Band  1/12/13 - Arneson River Theatre on the Riverwalk
Mike Zeal • Clay Jarvis • Chris Nisley • Scott Mayo • Sam Massey
7/8/12 - Shade Tree Saloon & Grill
Mike Zeal • Scott Mayo • Chris Nisley • Clay Jarvis • Sam Massey

W H E R E  I T  A L L  B E G A N
M a y  6  2 0 1 2


Where it began for the Smokehouse Guitar Army ... Our first gig!

Shade Tree Saloon & Grill in Spring Branch, Texas ... April 6, 2012

... Thanks Kim!


F a r e w e l l  t o  B a r r i b a  C a n t i n a  !

Smokehouse Guitar Army wants to thank Gina Hartberger and the great staff of Barriba Cantina for so many years of Great First Saturdays! SGA always had a great show at Barriba and we so appreciate the hospitality of the crew there. We wish you all the Best of Luck in the future and hope to see you again.


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